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Facts & Questions


 The Puddle Buster has been an idea for years.  A product designed to make a superior solution for those below freezing days. With the competitions models being big, bulky  and  requiring two people to move and set up. We wanted to build a product line that was from the ground up for the hunter. Our goals were for a compact design, easily adjusted and built for hunting conditions. We use an all steel frame with aluminum props that are protected from ice and debris.


 The Puddle Buster Magnum is the smallest powered unit at this time. You can run two magnums on a 2000 watt generator .This unit will average a 30 yard hole depending on water depth and temps.  If you are looking to run two units on a small generator this will give you a 30 x 50 yard hole average.


 The Puddle Buster Super Mag  is the same frame size as the magnum but more power. You can run one unit on a 2000 watt generator or two units on a 3000 watt.  This unit has an average of a 45 yard hole per unit. If you are only going to run one unit this is our reccomendation



Generator info.

  What you want to look for in your new generator is peak amps .  Amp is the load a generator can put out . A honda 2000 invertor generator is the most common used . The invertor style generators are the quietest you can buy. Many companies are making this style now ie Honda, Yamaha, Polaris , Generac, and Harbor Freight  . Prices are from $500- $10000.00 on a 2000 watt . .


   We have had questions about running longer cords . We only offer 75ft on the Magnum and 100ft on the Super Mag. You can run an aditional extension cord but the cords will have to be a heavier guage the longer the cord . We do not reccomend adding more than 100 ft . If the cord is not heavy enough it can cause the motor to burn up!!!  Anything over the standard cord needs to be a 12ga cord!


Does a running gererator flare the ducks.

   In our experience it does not. We hunt over our Puddle Busters running all the time. The consistent engine noise does not seem to effect the birds. We have a well head with a straight pipe diesel unit that also runs periodically during the season and duck sit all around it running.


  Adjustablity and operation of the Puddle Buster .

      The Puddle Busters are very easy to adjust with just a small turn of the thumb screws (do not loosen to much you will loose them ). The units are advertized to run in water as low as 12" but can truly go lower. We have videos of customers running in water as low as 8" in rice fields. If you are running in rice it is recomended to take rebar and chicken wire or hardware cloth and make a 3 foot ring aroung the unit to prevent the rice stuble from cloging the unit. If you are running the Puddle Busters at a higher adjustment and at a tilted angle you will need to take rebar or metal rod rod and run down the upright tubes to keep the unit from tilting over. If you are hunting in water over 36" you will need to purchase 2 5/16 eye bolts incert these into the adjuster bolt location on the basket and hang the unit off of some form of poles drove into the earth .


You will need at least one piece or solid round bar or rebar to anchor the puddle buster to the groung to prevent tipping over. There is a slot one each side of the vertical adjustment bar for these rods to slide through to anchor the unit .



 In the near future we will be offering a float kit for deep water . 

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