Puddel  Buster Pits

Limit Rack

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The Puddle Buster Pits are designed for comfort and long life .With double welded seams .Epoxy coating you are sure to have a pit to last . We have many options on our pits to make it exactly the way you want . Any size Standard width is 5' inside 5' tall and up to 48' long. We also offer additional widths . Pit prices start at $175 Flat field top or tapper top

per running foot with  width. Standard price includes one bench seat , epoxy coated , All other options available  at additional cost.

Prices are per running foot  prices may change due to current steel price increase

Puddle Buster Pits              $275.00 5x5' 

 Rice field pit  12ga steel    $200      3' or 4' wide 4' tall

 Rice field pit  16' long 3-4' wide with  8' roll tops   $3250  


Raised shooting deck         $15.00

Raised floor                        $40.00

Weather lids                        $40.00

Heated seat system             $40

Shooting top kit                    $30

Dog boxes                            $350.00 each

Stairs                                   $350.00  each

Ladder                                 $50.00   each

Limit rack and gear tray   $ 60.00 per

External Propane tank bin  100lb   $250.00

Custom options also available . We build it your way



Puddle Buster Duck Barge

 Our Duck Barge is the ultimate in luxury waterfowling.

With a standard width of 10' and up to 48' long it provides all the room you could want . With us building your Duck barge you have the option to have anything you can dream up. With so many options its like build a new house . The Duck Barge is a self floating all steel constuction, double welded blind built for a lifetime.

Standard features are bench seat across the back and

raised wood floor with raised shooting deck. The shooting wall height is from 42" -48" your choice .

The rear of the blind standard height from floor to ceiling is 80" (6'6")  Price start at $450 per running foot

Just a few of the options for the pits and blinds

Heated bench seating, Ladder or Stairs for entry, Dog box, externale propane tank holder any size, sealing lids, handicap accesible lift, stoves, grills, lighting, wiring, storage cabinets  , raised shooting decks , low profile blinds, tv mounts, duck limit hangers , kitchens,

You name it we can build it.