Door adjustment NOTE !! Be sure to check your striker adjustment to make sure the latch is 1/4' into the striker so the door will not come open when the frame flexes   while riding !!

Warrantee for any manufaters defects , welds bracket brackets .  We do not warrantee doors coming open due to improper adjustment , cosmetic issues .




HAlf door sets do not include widows


Full door sets include half door with  windows with glass installed


Full door set minus glass are the half door with window frames , gaskets   for glass but you can supply the laminated glass or lexan from  a local source  thikness is 1/4"

( We are offering this option due to the glass shortage and local glass shop may have to glass instock where we are having issues getting the volume of glass we need here .



  •                             REFER TO HOME PAGE FOR ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIme

                                                       DOORS ARE SOLD IN SETS NOT SINGLES 

      Window will ship separately  , We sub out the glass and at the mercy of there time schedule..


                                        DO NOT ORDER UNTILL YOU READ THE HOME PAGE !!!!!


Puddle Buster convertible door  set for the machine   (DUE TO CURRENT ORDER VOLUME ALLOW   WEEKS LISTED  FOR BUILD TIME plus shipping time  )  TIMES CAN VARY FROM DAY TO DAY DUE TO ORDER VOLUME    






These doors allow the best of both worlds . Half door for summer riding with the optional window kit for the winter.

We have worked very hard to make the fit and finish of the doors the best in the market and half the price of the OEM doors . All steel construction yet lighter than the factory doors also allow for a durable product .

with a rubber seal gasket around the door jam  and a slightly  built in spring tension prevents the rattle in almost all riding conditions .  We use fixed position lamitantaed glass with a vent  for all of the Puddle Buster products . The glass has a plastic core to prevent glass from coming appart if broken and can be easily tinted .The window unit is easily installed with a few bolts to the lower door   Stainless steel lockable latches with pull handle on the inside makes for an easy exit . PD doors coated in Rhino Linear for apperance 

PB doors are manufactured from steel and are subject to rust if left muddly for prolonged periods of time, Surface scratches, submerged under water . Warranty on the door finish is   not covered due  the harsh conditions these machines are used for .

It is best to wash the doors regularly as well as the machine iteslf and spray with a protectant such as Maxima SC1  . Clean machines last longer

Puddle Buster Convertible Door (Read home page before making purchase)